Shit Eat And Vomit

Eat Shit And Fuck Myself

I love eating shit! In this clip, I put a plate full of shit and at first slowly enjoyed its smell and taste, and then impatiently swallowed it), pushing a mouthful of shit and swallowing it all). I was so excited by the process of eating shit that I shoved a big poo into my pussy and fuck myself with a dildo, and then finished the rest of the shit with even more pleasure. In this video, a surprise awaits you … I was so excited about the shootings that I continued to masturbate when I finished shooting the clip, and I did not turn off the camera. What came of it, see for yourself.

In The Urinal

Alice piss in the urinal

Naughty Maid Piss And Scat Domination!

This naughty maid humiliates her slave by trampling him and then pissing all over his pathetic face. He is ordered to clean and lick his mistresses beautiful pussy clean and as a way of thanks she squats over him and delivers balls of fresh shit into his mouth! Because there is too much shit, she uses her feet to smudge and smear the shit across his face humiliating him further. ***Special discount

Scat-princess Rule, Must Consume Part 3

Scat-Princess Engineers just came out with the newest Invention to break the Slaves Mouth open by pushing a Button. So Princesses were all excited to use this Miracle Machine on this Shit Eater. Result: perfect ! No way out until all the Poop was swallowed. Part 3 Celeste. English Subtitles