Shit Eat Anstasia

Pooped And Pissed The Bed

Oh no! i pissed the bed then i shit ugh! now i have to sleep in it, oh well which nasty boy will sleep in it with me ?

Milf Ellie – Big Urgent Poo

Early in the morning Ellie feels an ugent to poo and it’s bursting to come out. She shows how her poo is already sticking out her ass as she touches with her finger. She keeps holding it in and teasing while sitting on the toilet. She then place the plate on the toilet and let that massive big poo slides out of her ass onto a plate. She then takes the plate holding it with two hands upclose infront of the camera, showing that huge pile of poo on white plate while peeing into the toilet. She shows her dirty asshole, sticks her finger inside fingering her shitty ass and then wipe her shitty finger and ass clean with a toiletpaper.tags: shitting, pissing, desperate, sweet talk, dirtyass, dirty finger, plate, toiletpaper

Real Experience To Toilet Voyeur

After so many requests at last a real experience … toilet voyeur … …. Today want to be my toilet bowl? Enjoy the view!