Shit Eat Cat Girl

Mutual Love For Shit. Part 1

Seriously. One of my favorite movies. The movie in which I firtly felt incredible desire for eating shit, filling my stomach with is and making really mad sinfull sex with my parthner.I want to share this experience and make you feel what I felt in this moment, incredible atmosphere full of shitty air in the room. Our bodies, smeared again and again with endless loads of saved shit and our own shit among it. Feeling shitty cock inside, in month, on my face… Such moments full of relaxing and feelings that evertyhing is allowed – they are worth living.

Monica Stinky Diareeah

Monica is spreading her asshole wide and running into your mouth stinky and messy diareeah.

The Scat Convent School – Full Movie

Here at the Scat Convent School, no one goes through the first day of class without doing their first public scat! The new girls are welcomed into the school by their seniors, who are tasked to guide them to their scatting education! After the stern lecture, the new girls are made to sit on the floor and spread their legs. They are helpless to do anything to stop their seniors from pulling down their panties and fingering their assholes. After much prepping, enemas are inserted up their asses. An hour later, the girls are producing soft and wet shit, to the delight of their teachers and others.

Scat Pizza Real Swallow With 2 Slaves

This time Karina punishing 2 pizza delivery girl, who’s are late with the cold pizza. Karina shitting in the middle of the pizza, make more spicy with a bit of enema sauce, and orders to the girls to eat and swallow the whole tasty scat-pizza. When they are finished, Karina mixing a good Enema cocktail for them, and after they drink all of it, she send them back to work.