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Husband Punished With Piss Drinking! – Full Movie

When this woman got herself a hold of evidence proving her husband’s cheating, she finally puts into action her punishment! What she does is strip the man of his clothes and then lay him on the living room floor but with his head on top of a couch! After which, she sits on his face and feeds him with her pussy! It didn’t take long before he starts heavily grasping for air! Though, this isn’t the worst part! Eventually, she completely lays him on the ground and then urinates on his face! When she couldn’t release anymore, she repeatedly smothers him with both her crotch and ass! After a while, while doing this, she starts stripping off her clothes, eventually rendering her completely naked! At this point, her bladder is filled again and she pisses on him again, this time, in his mouth! Despite swallowing a couple of mouthfuls, the lady still has more to give, so she continues urinating on the victim’s chest instead! She then leaves him exhausted and completely drenched in her piss!

Sexy Girl.mrs.mia

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Kv-ns-snot-save Up Clip! Mouth Shitting, Pissing And Snot Scenes!

KV-NS-Snot-Save up Clip! Here you see, shit in the mouth, mouth piss and snap into the mouth, scenes, from the full movie: Mistress Rosella! Living toilet filled with shit, piss and spit!