Shit Eating Compilation

A Double Shit For The Tv Bitch

My TV slut Monik is an insatiable gulp pig. Convince yourselves. Without even gagging, she swallows directly from the source of the shit, which my friend Contessa Calucci and I donate her. And that she willingly and gladly takes on the pee for rinsing is a matter of course for her. That’s how I like my toilets.

Quick&hard Boooom!

My quick booom up close! You feel the smell …?

Bbw Hidden Bathroom Cam (3 Shits!)

Bathroom Voyeur Spy Cam Video – Watch As I Go About My Business On The Toilet. A Toilet Which I Haven’t Cleaned In Quite A Bit. I’ve Been Letting My Juicy Turds & Piss Stain The Bowl So You Could Lick It Up Later 😉 I Had No Idea That You Were Secretly Spying On Me! Listen To The Plops Of My Turds….Sound Of My Piss & Watch The Long Chocolate Snakes Ooze Out Of My Ass. 3 Shitting Clips In All!!

The Meal ( The Slave Will Eat What Noelia Had For Dinner)

After eating a good lentils dish, a fillet steak served with a glass of the best white in her favourite restaurant, Noelia decides to set up the table to his repugnant slave.