Shit Eating Gang

Goddess Andreea – Foursome Strapon Fucking And Feeding 2

Goddess Andreea brought her personal assistance girl today to humiliate her 2 slaves. Both are passionate strapon fucking ladies and they made them slaves knees and broke asses with some huge strapons. Goddess Andreea and the nurse have used their slaves again to have them aside and also to be their personal toilet. The assistant put the dildo in the bottom of the slaves and especially the heel of the shoe, deep into the slave’s bottom. At the end Goddess Andreea urinated in the mouth of both slaves and made his needs in the mouth of one of them, ordering them to swallow everything. The film was recorded with 2 video cameras, one mobile, another fixed, from two angles for a better appreciation of the scenes. From today the nurse will be at the disposal of Goddess Andreea continuously. They also accept custom video requests. This is part 2 where Goddess Andreea use them for piss and shit in their mouths.

Tm Compilation 3

Another set of 6 more sizzling shiting clips of big booty girl TM for a low price!!! 25 minutes of plops, logs, splashes, shitting, and ass spreading.


Baby is hot loading sexy jeans with messy shit!


Ok, so I was trying to do a clip where you could clearly see my dump from the side … I pulled up from the toilet so you could get a good look at my ass while it came out … and then I missed the bowl! LOL I made a mess all over the seat and didn’t realize it until I sat down in it! Ewww! If you like it brown and messy, this is the clip you want, including clean up at the end and flushing too!