Shit Eating Japan

Defenseless Patient Eating Nurse’s Feces! – Full Movie

When these two nurses get assigned with an old man as a patient, the first thing that came into their mind is that they can take advantage of him! In this situation, they do just that! At first, they take turns spitting in his mouth and nose, leaving him grasping for air! To make things worse, they later strip off their clothes one-by-one and smother the victim with different parts of their bodies including their armpits and asses! Eventually, one of them gives him a blowjob while the other drenches her panties with her piss! She then smothers the victim with her soaked underwear! Shortly after, while smothering him, they take turns spitting snot in his mouth! At this point, the guy is already in a pitiful condition, but they are not yet done with him, the worst is still yet to come! One of them then positions herself on top of his face and then defecates! While a sweetheart is busy feeding him with the poop, the other is giving him a blowjob and then follows with riding his penis! The only time they stop is after they make him cum against his will!

Drinking Piss And Diarrhea In Godess Room

Godess was dressing in a seethrough black catsuit and her personal toilet begun to stroke his cock hard just thinking . . . . But as usually, Godess have only a full meal for her slaves, consisting in a big torrrent of piss, directly into slaves throats, and huge Diarrheas also with mouths open wide !!! That’s why Godess is so loved, she know how to do that, without pushing 🙂 At the end, slave cumming hard chewing Godess diarrhea !!!No sound today because of other external sounds.A new movie today also in our other store SCATDOMINAANDTOILET, check it and see it. With kink, your Scat Godess

Oh Dear Poop En Masse

Doggy I like most about sex 🙂 And make the AA, a perfect view of the interesting things! Look closely, the A-hole is already messed up, because I have not yet begun! And then, oh dear! Is this vieeeellll AA! Horny close-up, even at the end, on the whole bunch! 1: 00min

Poop In Absolute Close-up View!

You see how the brown, warm turd slowly from my tight asshole can for you zukommt.Du they smell 🙂 well, almost.