Shit Eating Lesbi And

Mistress Gaia – Holidays Scat

Hello my faithful slaves, I’m just back from holidays, but not only Me, also my personal shit-eating is just back from holidays, and he wants this wonderful surprise, not only he wants my shit in his sewer, but he will eat it completely!

Direct Shitting From The Chair Into The Bowl – Part 1

A chocolate-lover tasted my delicious sausages. I gave it to him directly shitting in the bowl, while the kitchen chair 😉 Look also to Part 2, because the sausage was a little smaller, he got a second for free 😉

A New Slave Is Tested

Again a looser is calling me and wants to serve for me. Okay, he gets a little chance and I test him! He is allowed to kiss my feet and must swallow my pee. I beat his balls with my fist, drill my heels into his shoulder and in the end I shit on his mouth! His pain does not interest me!