Shit Eating Lezo

Mistress Roberta – Big Load Of Spicy Shit For Breakfast-pov

Today my toilet slave you will be so happy when you will se the fat breakfast spicy but fat with alot of pee and a big load of shit and they are waiting for you to eat .

Accidental Diarrhea!!!

I just got home and have been holding my poo for a while as I was on a long drive! I get home and there’s someone in the bathroom, OMG!!! I have to GO!!! Well, needless to say…I start to shit myself in my white pants and oh shit, it’s DIARRHEA!!! My pants get all brown with diarrhea as I keep pooping in it, I take it off so you can see the liquid poop coming outta my tight asshole. I also get to play with my pussy a little bit before putting my pants back on…what a mess!!!

Stomach Flu Shitting

Princess Nikki is not doing well today-stomach flu…..but she is still strong enough to press a lot of runs on her pathetic slave!