Shit Eating Mature Lesbian

Lie Under My Ass Pov: 2 Angles

I experimented with a sexier, more seductive take on those Japanese videos where you get the toilet-slave POV and a wider shot of the girl – that way you can see everything! ———————————————————In this video I’m wearing a sexy pair of pristine white lace panties which I slip over my tight round ass to give you a show! I know you’re into it and I torture you briefly with my body before making you lie down beneath me. ———————————————————You get to lie back and enjoy watching my asshole above you pucker open and release a long line of stinky logs that fall down onto you while also getting a sexy view of my tiny waist and supple white ass dropping a load! Both would have you exploding everywhere on their own but simultaneously??? How are you going to contain yourself? ———————————————————This is an old video that I’ve updated with better sound quality using software I didn’t have at the time! ——————————————————-Can you even make it to the end? 

Thick Glass Plug

Hey baby! Do you like my sweet ass? I’ll show you how I push myself a thick glass plug. There is so much pleasure in my tiny asshole. I want to have some fun with you. Look, my hairy pussy with the huge labia and the pumping butt plug. I bring it out with some shit.

Pissing On Her Hands

Pissing on her hands (JJ000604)