Shit Eating Pee Drinking

Poo In Face

poo in face

Mistress Lilly Make Brownies And Humiliate You

Mistress Lilly make another 3 movies and she want to combine them into this : she play with her asshole and put inside some lollipops to give them a nice taste. She prepare some brownies then with some shit in the second movie and at the end, she shitting a huge diarrhea on the floor.

Monster Shit Sausage For The Slave Under The Toilet Chair! Part 1

Part 1: Here I have one of my toilet slaves, which was below the toilet chair and there had to sleep, a monster shit ausage, shitting in his mouth, in my morning, toileting! During the record-breaking shit sausage plopped into his mouth, I had to pee and also I pissed him doing well in his mouth. Thereafter, the slave had to eat completely the big shit sausage. He was then totally exhausted, had to almost throw up and was close to fainting! This perverse mouth shit and shit-eating video, you can see from 3 camera angles!