Shit Eating Sloppy

Twerking Big Shitty Ass

You realy like being my toilet, stupid pig? Excitedly watching as I shit wherever I want, and you get to obsess over each pile of my shit and want to eat it up as you please? Quite exactly – ItÂ’s all for you, toilet. Quite a treat! And you get to eat it up wholly. Are you happy you have a Mistress to clean up after? You better lick my ass, loser. Watching twerk and Eat My Shit! ?

Drink My Pee Slave – 6

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… And he must swallow all! This time for helping him I pee in one shoe and make him drink from it!

Full Of Shit Part 2

Domina with toilet slave. Very stimulating successively to enjoy the different flavors and notes for the slaves. These flushed with NS. Wonderful!

Scat Cats 06

shitting day again: the cats visit the old slave in his hotel, they piss in a glas and give him the drink, then they shit in his mouth!