Shit Enema Mouth

Delicious Scat

Mistress Michelle and her girlfriend using a toiletslave. Bondaged and his cock teased both peeing in his mouth frstly. Than he has to swallow spit and at the end he gets a pile of Mistress Michelle in his mouth, mhhh delicious…

First Naked Shitting, Than It Get Dirty

I stand naked in the tub, beautiful sight on my ass 🙂 Then I shit going on .. like a rabbit fall hard balls from my ass, but then, then comes the creamy part 🙂 and whoosh, I hold my hand topsy …. the rest: see for yourself it is dirty 🙂 2:04 min!

Finally A Soft Thin Scared

It was about time. Finally no hard sausage but a soft shit in the bowl.