Shit Enetration

Kinky-tina Invites You To The Caviar Feast – Short Version

For my fans a short version of my clip Kinky-Tina invites you to a caviar feast. You can only see me here, as I fill the slave with my tingling pee and my fresh deliakt caviar. A true feast and a feast for lovers 🙂

Lady Yuna-shit Eating Compilation

You cannot decide which of my clips you should buy? Then this compilation of 5 of my best scat moments is just right for you. Have a close look on my ass when I serve a big load of shit directly into my slave’s mouth.

Mega Thick Piece Of Shit From Alina

Mega thick piece of shit from Alina

Rachel Evans Piss 007

Rachel Evans is masturbating on the table, but she needs to pee and she does not want to go to the toilet. So she calls her slave. While she is still on the table she sends a big stream of pee in the air, and the slave has to catch it all and drink it. And of course she tells her slave to lick from the floor all the piss that he missed. Rachel is having lots of fun during this clip .