Shit Face Slave

Caviar Challenge

My slave has this time to complete a particular challenge, he must eat the whole shit from me and my ladies. We three used his mouth directly successively as a toilet. He is overwhelmed with such a lot of caviar, so we hurried along and everything stuffed into his mouth, rinsed with piss until he eventually made him swallow it completely.

Ayanna’s Weekend Dumps!!

Ayanna is a shitting machine!! I have to tell this girl to chill out she has so many!! Enjoy three great clips from this weekend. ENjoy as she shakes it a bit in one clip, shaking that sexy ass of hers in front the camera. Lots of great fart and plops. Enjoy as she fingers out a few stubborn turds as well. Ayanna is by far my most prolific Funky lady

Diry Feet Dirty Bud Dirty Face Part 2

This was of our earlier most successfull Movies. The Girls use the Machine to feed the Man their Poop. The poor Guy was so cruelly filled up with Shit and nobody cared, or they even made Fun of his Suffering Part 2 with English Subtitles