Shit Fart Pregnant

Oxana Huge Bulge In Nylons

Oxana is pooping huge bulge in her nylons after a lot of eating on the birthday party.

Mistress Roberta -diarrhea On The Floor For Breakfast-pov

Today i take my potty chair and i pee first, alot, after i shit spreading my legs to give you a compleete view of my shit comming out of my ass and i poop an soft small shit for you but very smelly and tasty looking and when i finish i give you my ass hole to lick it clean of the soft pieces of shit remained on my ass hole and after i give you your tasty creamy breakfast to eat, enjoy!

Morning Hard And Pee!

morning and pee, strongly comes out through the anus!

Princess Nikki Shit On Wheels

Princess Nikki visits two wheelchair losers. They are hungry, so Nikki shits in the hands of one of them. This guy is very egoistic, he eat it all up allone, the other one can only watch so hungry!