Shit Feces Doo Doo Boo Boo

Sitting Backwards On Toilet

I sit backward on the toilet and I also give you a close view of my ass. Again I have constipation, I feel that shit my asshole will break. After lots of grunting and straining is a beautiful poop.

Omg! Thats Best Scat I’ve Ever Seen

Worship me … I brought you something truly REAL BADASS, the best that you saw on the topic SCAT. SMEARING. FIRST PERSON. DIRTY BLOWJOB. You’ll cum with the fountains of your love for me, and ask for supplements!)) Get ready, i will smash you with the whole sea of ??crazy perverted action (everything like you you love) this video will not let you get bored, my gigantic pile of fresh fragrant sweet shit, crazy dirty blowjob, epic kamshot, sucking and swallowing shit, smearing shit in the face will bring you to this dirty ecstasy, and a unique shooting (from the first person) will make you feel the uch an astronomer of this vulgar action, a real pearl of the SCAT industry!) I love you, a lot of new things ahead of you stay in touch and subscribe to my twitter channel !)

Filling My Diarrhea

I fill slave’s mouth by my diarrhea. It was necessary for him. He likes to eat my shit on diner. Well, lick my ass, eat all of my shit, you are stupid.

Grooming New Slave Into Scatology! Full Movie

Professional business man came into Mistress’s office to be groomed into becoming a scat slave as he has been suffering of scatology fetish for sometime and now finally he has a chance to fullfill his urges. She first groomed him, teaching him how to be a slave. She pisses on his mouth and made him eat her pussy clean, she also stuffed her soaked panties into his mouth as he groan in pleasure or humiliation, it does not matter to Mistress. She then slowly introduced him to her ass by squatting into his hands and producing soft and slimy bit of shit! He then get the chance to sniff it and smeared it all over his business clothes! Next time he gets to eat it 😉