Shit Fetish Full

Hard Turd Drop By Mistress Isabella

228.2: Mistress Isabella is still relaxing sitting on one of her favourite chairs and she feeds her shit to her slave eagerly waiting with his toilet-mouth wide open underneath Mistress Isabella?s beautiful bottom. Amazing close-ups as well. English language. My slave eat and eat but… my shit is to hard and it is very difficoult to eat… but….. Carlotta eat all what I give her into the mouth. This is the first day of the retour of My best slave Carlotta, March 2016, it was more than one year I do not see him and re-begins to eat it is not so easy. Do not loose this video, i have more than 10 video to let you see, always here on Yezz! Now look at this and wait for the others. ENGLISH language, MP4 easy and fast to download also for smartphone.

Miss Flowers – Hospitable P2

Since the toilet slave is already there, Mistress Michelle also pee and shit in his toilet mouth. The whole mouth is filled up with shit by Mistress Michelle. Miss Flowers is amused.

10.164 Littre Shit

10.164 Little italian shit from the bottom of Mistress Isabella, find more and more at store 944.