Shit Foot Job

Lady Yuna-scat Eating For Beginners

Watch me as I teach a beginner to eat my shit. First of all, this slave pig has to lick my asshole and my pussy extensively. He can only breathe my fragrance.Then I shit a small load directly into his mouth. It should be a beginner’s portion. But he is completely eating it. Next time, there will be a larger portion. The treatment with my whip maybe was not necessary.

Standing Poop

This is a standing-up, backwards facing poop. I am standing with the camera below me, showing off my body in full. I caress my tits a little while I tell you how badly I need to shit right now. I turn around and show you my cute ass, stroking it. Then I realise, before this poo comes out I need to pee. I open my legs a little and pee; the hot piss runs down my legs and on to the floor. That’s better! Now, time to poo. I turn around and spread my ass cheeks. I start pushing and the head of a log starts poking out. I say “see that” teasingly and then push again. It slides all the way out slowly and lands with a thud on the floor. A second log follows quickly with another loud thud and then a little drop to finish. I show you a close-up of the poo, telling you how good it felt to get it out.

I Got The Bubbleguts!!

MargaRita had the bubbleguts the other day. Man was she in pain! And the smell was some kind of terrible!! So bad we both had to turn the fan on and Lysol the the whole damn house!! Explosive Splashes, diarrhea, farts and more in this one. Her best ever scene!! If only they had smell-o-vision!! A great one for you fans of Belly noises as you can really hear her stomach gurguling and growling and rumbling!! One of the Loudest, funkiest clips ever!!! The Farts and squirts coming out her ass simultaneously will drive you wild!!! Margarita couldn’t even take the smell herself!!

Princess Rachel Evans Pov Shitting 09

Princess Rachel Evans starts a new series, where her personal slave Toto is filming her in POV-Style while shitting on him!Princess shits in slaves bed, he need to lay in her shit while drinking her piss!