Shit From A Hight

50 Shades Of Scat! Compilation 1

Here you see a compilation, with 50 times, of dirty shitting. Be it Outddor, Indoor, in slave mouths, solo or together with girlfriends! A must for every fan of women who shit extremely!

Powerful Morning Diarrhea In The Mouth Of A Slave After A Laxative

Alina prepared for the toilet slave a new test – she dined supper and drank two tablets of laxative for the night. And in the early morning cleared her rectum in the mouth of a slave. Poorly digested dumplings, spinach and other food fell into the mouth of a slave. At the end, Alina spit in the dirty and smelly mouth of the toilet slave – she gave his mouth a delicious and clean saliva.

Hotel Bath Room Scat

Roxy orderd a slave into her hote. She orderd him to lay down on the floor of the bath room and shits in mouth.

Backpackers Got Lost And Desperately Needs To Shit! – Full Movie

They were walking around town when they made a wrong turn and got lost. By nightfall, they have to take shelter in a strange house that seems empty. Unable to use a bathroom all throughout the day, they are more than ready to unload the shit they’ve been holding on to for hours. So they squat on the strange bathroom to piss and scat away their tiredness.