Shit Fucks Cat

Enormous Shit Between Trees

Mistress Lilly shitting today in the middle of nowhere….sne love to do it in public places and risk to be seen is higher

Toilet Slave Swallows Alina’s Shit

Toilet slave swallows Alina’s shit

Mistress Gaia – My Little Treat For You – Hd Version

I have prepared a little treat just for you. Sit quietly beneath me and worship. You are going to have the luxury of swallowing my shit and piss. You will enjoy it, and I will make sure you stay on your knees. It pleases me to see you looking up at me with those begging eyes and that arid mouth. I want you to suffer for me. So keep that mouth open nice and wide if you want to be rewarded. Consider yourself fortunate to be personally fed by Mistress Gaia…

Foot Worship And Scat Consumption!

The slave thinks it’s his lucky day for good behaviour. He is told he is to be given a relaxing bath by his domestic mistress. He is happy and gets into the bath thinking he is to be given a nice relaxing time. Yet the only thing nice he is to be given is her sweet golden scat and the foot worship of his mistresses feet! She squats down over him and delivers runny shit all over his face and into his mouth, and while wearing rubber clothes to protect her finger nails, she smears all the sweet shit over the slaves face. She then uses her feet and orders him to worship her feet while she uses them as a tool to push down increasing loads of scat into her slaves mouth.