Shit German Mouth

Piss On Me And Give Me Your Sperm

I was so horny on his cock that I wanted him in my mouth. Horny as I am and suck his cock hard until he had to pee. Since he pisses me pretty in the face and I opened my mouth. That was cool. Next, I sucked his cock and wanted him to inject me in my mouth. I was so horny for his sperm. He grabbed his cock firmly in my hand but he could not hold it anymore and squirted into my mouth, even though he wanted to squirt in my face. He then sprayed the rest on my face.

Mistress Roberta -diarrhea With Pee Soup For Breakfast-pov

This morning you will have a nice close up of me preparing your breakfast wich is diarrhea with pee soup today but of course not untill you lick clean my ass hole of shit and my cheeks of pee drops .

Cwm Pooping: Tied Up, Losing Control

I’m wearing a pair of blue leggings and a grey vest, tied up lying face down on the floor. My hands and feet are bound together, severely limiting my options as I get more and more desperate to go and poop. I resist for as long as I can, struggling and straining in a desperate attempt to avoid shitting myself. Unable to escape, I eventually lose control. Poop visibly explodes into my tight blue leggings, leaving a bulge that smears, spreads and squishes across my ass as I try and wriggle free…