Shit Gil Pants

Mistress Victoria’s Pot

Today Mistress Victoria is using the slave pot to have a nice toilet training time with the pot and she pee first in his mouth and after she is pooping in his mouth and order him to play with the shit so he gets full with shit again as every morning he gets used, enjoy!

Mistress Anna – Full Weight Fart And Shit

I unleash fart after shart after fart directly into his nostrils with his nose pressed tightly to my ass, giving him no fresh air in-between as I rest the full weight of my ass back on his face trapping it inside his lungs. His head pressed between my feet, leaving no room to move his head or any hope for escape, no way to sneak a cheat breath with cling film wrapped tightly around his mouth. I wanted him to breathe only through his nose, to do nothing but smell this ass. I couldn’t help but to laugh as wet and nasty the sounds are coming from inside his nose since it were sealed tightly to my ass with each gift I gave. Poor pathetic boy.. laying their strapped from the ankles up in thick leather straps, mouth tightly wrapped and nose completely at my mercy.. Breathing only the air I allow him… And any air I allow him, will come directly from my ass.But not only air … I need to shit too so I push my smelly turd directly into his mouth with my full weight on him. There is no salvation from this slave, he has to eat it all if he wants to breathe again!

Mistress Roberta – Today’s Small Breakfast And Bath -pov-part1

Today you get only 2 pieces of shit to get a small snack before going to bath thub to eat drink and bath but in this part you will only get the pee and 2 small pieces of poop, enjoy!