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Kelly (digging For Scat)

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Gruesome Punishment! Man Is Pissed And Puked! – Full Movie

Two high ranking women have been observing this male employee in the office since he is not performing at par with their standards. When he didn’t show any signs of improvement, they decide to teach him a lesson he will not forget! What they first do is summon him inside a room where there is only the three of them! They then order him to strip off his clothes and kneel on the floor in front of them! As soon as he complies, the ladies take off their panties and then take turns spitting on his face! Shortly after, they lay him on the floor and start urinating on his head! With his mouth and nose being drenched, he desperately grasps for air! When they could no longer release anymore, they proceed to puke on him! In addition, from time-to-time, they would spit snot on him as well! Eventually, they administer their finale which is taking turns sitting on his face and smothering him with their asses until he is rendered completely knocked out! As a result, at the end of the scenario, he is not only dirty, he is also exhausted and completely defeated!

Andrea Shit From High Avobe

Girl uses Man

Piss Drink 17

Drink piss from the shoe! The maltreated slave Joschi kneels whimpering to feet of his mistress the divine empress Jessica in the room on the ground. The bizarre Lady has taken a couple of black patent-leather shoes of her. It adjusts one of the two shoes to Joschis backs, something changes into the squatting position about this and pees with a full beam into the shoe. Lady Jessica fills the whole shoe with her golden juice. It then submits the shoe to Joschi with the order ‘drink’!. Joschi immediately gets down and the piss slurps from the shoe. Jessica the second High Heel pees fully on his back meanwhile. And hardly the Joschi empty drunk the first shoe has, it already gets the second filled up of its mistress with her piss, too. And Joschi also drinks this up with matter of course. So it goes on, the Pissing-Queen fills the varnish Heels with its golden shower newly again and again and everything drinks Joschi goodly directly from the shoe. For the end it still must on order of her whole of cleanly lick out, the shoes this the last remains are also gone from this.