Shit Girls Japan

Oxana Yoga Tights Messy

Oxana is messy pooping in her hot new yoga tights.

Ms D’s Blasting Back On The Scene!!!

Ms D must have sensed how much I missed her!! Enjoy as literally bursts back on the scene in these three New clips!!! Now this is one especially for you fart lovers!! The first two scenes have some of the most explosive toilet farts I have ever heard from her! The first two clips are only farts and (tiny) sharts. A nice mix of airy farts, loud bassy ones, and bowl rattlers!! She doesnÂ’t get brown relief until the finale, and boy is it worth the wait!! enjoy as she bends over the bowl and spreads that phat ass to let out a fart then sits down for second before squatting again to unleash a fart, shart & shit trio!!

Scatfest Returns! – Part 4

They whip my body until I’m helpless to do anything but eat their shit. They unload chunks of shit right into my mouth and then make me eat all of it.