Shit Her Pantyes

Suck And Lick My Shit

My slave is full schmuck and my toilet. Lick my ass, relax me, make me feel good, make me want to shit in your mouth. Eat my smelly shit, all the shit that fall into your mouth and lick, suck, ask for more. You’re dirty motherfucker. Lick my ass, lick my feet, lick my shit, there’s your place, my shit is your meal.

Squatting Poop

This is a standing squatting poop video. I walk down the hallway and into the bathroom. I start playing with my tits, stroking and squeezing them while moaning a little. Then I tell you that I need the toilet. In fact, i’m desperate, i’ve been holding it in all day. It’s been pushing against my asshole, dying to come out since I woke up. I get into a squatting position, pull my ass cheeks apart and start pushing. One by one, lots of small logs come out, landing on the floor between my legs. The more I do, the harder it gets so I push harder and harder until it’s all out. Then I come close to the camera and show you my asshole, a little bit still hanging out. I show you the pile i’ve left on the floor and tell you how good it felt and what a relief it is to finally get that out of me!

The Blonde Dominatrix And Her Shit Eating Slave…

Blonde Donna loves to meet young girls and have crazy shitsex with them… and she always finds new….