Shit Her Self Girl

Megumi’s Dog Shit Pile!

Megumi may look like an innocent lady, but she shits like a proper trucker. When she sat on the toilet, her tiny, yummy anus looked like it was going to extrude the shiest of shits. But when her anus expands and balloons to twice its size, you know that you are going to get a good pile of turd. The small hole opened up so much that a small puppy would fit in it. The dry turd’s tip escaped easily, bringing with it a quiet series of farts that smelled acrid, with a mix of cola and peanuts. The dark color of her turd is endless guzzling of sodas. The sticky sausage dropped loudly with a plonk, followed the hissing of the rest of the sticky shit as it passed the rim of Megumi’s anus. The sausages folded and compressed against each other several times, until the piles is already more than two inches high. Your dinner should always be something like Megumi’s dog shit pile.

Huge Load Pooping Close-up From 2 Angles

I’ve been holding my poop for 4 days because there was construction workers in my apartment. Now they are done with the inside but they are still working outside. You can hear them in the background and I really wanted to avoid this in the video, but I really can’t hold my poop anymore because it’s painful! I put 2 cameras very close to my asshole so you can see me poop in 2 angles.My ass is so full! After pushing really hard there is a first large and hard log that comes out of me. But wait, I feel that there is still more! I continue pooping again, this time the texture is very different, it very soft. Just when you think I’m done pooping, there is more coming out! My bowels are so full! I feel so much better now, but my asshole is burning and it’s all purple!In the next scene I show you a close-up of my poop so you can see the details inside. I put my hand next to it so you have an idea of the size of my load. It’s crazy, I just pooped the equivalent of 2 loads! Which means it’s like an entire week of poop for me!

Booty On The Run(s)!!!

Mz Booty is back!! Goodness gracious!! You talking about a 58 inch Ass on a 4’10” frame!! She is litterally all ass!! Enjoy three great new clips. Looks like she had some bad brisket. Enjoy three runny watery clips!! Plenty of ass and squirts!! Enjoy as she Spreads that Monster booty of hers nice and wide to show the poop bursting out! Mz Booty is one of the greatest asses on film and this is another great bakers dozen minutes of action!! That Booty was on the run indeed!!!