Shit Humilated

A Most Delightful Toilet Experience – Part 2

He opened his mouth again as the Mistress’ anus blossomed into full view, revealing the hardened turd hiding within. The turd whistled slightly as it slid down, no doubt because of its girth and hardness and Gaku’s tongue recoiled from the taste – it was bitter, salty and sweet at the same time. It was a taste of heaven. Daiju felt a little left out in the beginning, being the ass wiper today, but he relished in having to clean the Mistress’ wonderful ass after she emptied her bowels into Gaku’s face.

Hot! Sexy! Charming Alexandra Poo

Wonderful new video. The emphasis is on the sexuality of my body. My beautiful thighs and neat ass will make you excited and you begin to masturbate. You have never been summoned so much to serve me as a toilet. Everyday. For my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner. Are you hungry too? You know perfectly well that I will share my breakfast with you. But you don’t know that your meal is waiting you under my ass hole. I’ll take a plate and lay there a huge pile of shit and I’ll feed you with a spoon, my toilet slave. It’s delicious, isn’t it?

Yoga Instructor Spiked Students Tea – Full Movie

She loves yoga and she loves teaching it, but do you know what she loves more? It’s seeing the exposed armpits of her students when they do their stretches. She goes through the different stretches while her students follow her movements. She comes over to each girl and corrects their postures, coping feels from them at the same time. She then prepared tea for her students and spiked it with a laxative for her pleasure ;)!

Lady Devil – The Slave Test

Lady Devil testing toilet slave today whether he can actually swallow all their shit and piss. But first Lady Devil smokes another cigarette and used the slave who lies at her feet as a human ashtray and snaps without asking the ashes into his slaves mouth. Then craps a big pile pure in his mouth and watches as he chews and swallows.