Shit Hungry Bitchers

Best Shit-smeared Fucking! – Part 2

She doesn’t care if the whole room smells like shit already, she enjoys fucking better in this condition! They can bang her from behind, front, and center, and she will take it like the pro that she is, shit, piss, and all!

Lady Katharina First Time P1

The 3 Scatqueens are using a toilet slave. It is very much peed and Lady Katharina craps a pile in the mouth of the toilet slave. The shit is nice and soft, so you need only swallow, but the toilet slave moans and really enjoys it chews and swallows by and by the pile of shit of Lady Katharina.

Hot Mistress Gaia

How much you want your Mistress? How to find sexy and irresistible? Prove worshiping and eating all his divine shit. Beg me to kneel down and let it get to eat all that you can not prove resitermi. I’m your God, remember that.


Mariah is running hot diareeah in the white pants;)