Shit In A Bathtub

Slave Punishment And Shit Feeding

I came to the bathroom to check the slave work He had to clean the bathroom, but he did it poorly. Dirt remained on the surface of the bathroom. For this, I punished the slave and made him eat my shit. He was excited! ? And ready, I have all kinds of naughty instructions for it! I want him to chew, eat, and swallow my shit–and more ? but he have to do it all exactly how I tell… but, I have a chellenge for him… he have to fulfill all my nasty, depraved commands without cumming! Until he eat everything, he not allowed to cum. I’ll torture him with delicious scat-filled pleasure until slave just can’t stand it ?

Let Me Piss Your Cock And Lick Clean – Pee Pur

I just love kinky sex, and especially when he is connected with pee. Come and let and have dirty sex together where I piss on your cock and then lick him clean and bring to cum.

New Slave Introduced!

Have another and new slave taken in my care, and introduced him to my training as a perfect and obedient toilet slave! Here in Part 1 you see how I the new slave, while standing in his mouth piss and he thereafter must my cunt licked clean. In Part 2, which follows soon, pissed my Mistress girlfriend Mel-Miley, the slave another load of piss in his mouth!

Big Dump From Couch!

I haven’t pooped yet in my new living room so I decided to do a clip with my booty hanging from the edge of the couch! I stoop right on the edge of the couch and shit directly on the floor, didn’t want to get the carpet all wet so I peed in a cup for you 😉 After doing my nasty business, I pick up the poo with my bare hands and walk all the way to the bathroom to dump it in the toilet! So sexy!!!