Shit In Her Knickers

For The First Time Scat Completely Eaten

The training of my new slave to my perfect toilet is to be completed today. Piss drinking, he already mastered, from my delicious caviar, on the other hand, he only tolerated smallportion. That should change now. Today he has to swallow everything I serve him.The sow does not fit properly, so that my shit does not land in its mouth. But there is no mercy. I take the scat from the ground and stuff it into his mouth. He must choke, but it does not help. And indeed: the pig swallows everything down to the last crumb. I am proud of him and my education.

Pee At The Gynecologist

Patient Bell comes to the gynecological chair. The young doctor examines her vagina. Bell complains of malaise. After a speculum is introduced, she must piss a lot.

Taking A Dump At The Park For Everyone To See!

She was strolling down the park when she felt her stomach rumble. Her asshole is threatening to explode with diarrhea. She needs to go and she needs to do it now! She approaches a bench and squats beside it, not giving a fuck if someone sees her. Hot liquid shit squirted from her asshole, drenching the grass with rotten feces!


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