Shit In Pants Compilation

Bdsm Session And Shit Eating

Beautiful young mistress Millie hold BDSM session for the slave. She has too beautiful and sexual young body and extremely delicious taste of a shit. She command the slave to lick her legs and kiss the feet. Then she spits in a slave mouth and he must swallow it all. mmm. She has a very tasty spits. Millie was shitting in a slave mouth and asks whether it is tasty? She told him to chew and swallow all the shit. Likely it is really tasty when the beautiful blonde asks you to eat her shit. And she spits in his mouth again and wipes about him the legs. The slave kisses them and licks her heels. Also slave kisses her young and berry breasts and wet pussy with his tongue. Toilet slave tries to please her mistress to have an opportunity again serve as a toilet for her.

Anal Massage To Shit!

The husband comes home from work to find his wife in bed clutching her stomach and in intense pain. He rushes to her side to help her and she says she ate too much and now her stomach is hurting real bad! He tells her to shit it out but she can’t seem to poop normally. So he takes out their trusty vibrator and rubs it on her asshole, stimulating it to help her shit. Once she starts to fart, he makes her squat on the bed and places toilet paper under her ass to prevent shit from spreading all over the bed.

Wait! Mistress Melissa Is Shitting Hard! (full Hd)

Today I went to shopping, where I had a sudden need to shit. I closed the door of the public toilet and I made an endless stream of diarrhea. People outside probably were curious about my prolonged stop. Please, wait: Mistress Melissa is shitting hard today! And I bet you wanted to be in the toilet with me, dear shitlover.

Teacher Of Eating

233.3 I know, i’m the TEACHER of Kaviar eating. Let you see…………….. enjoy. MP4