Shit In Pubblic

Secretary’s Diarrhea Problem! – Full Movie

She was sitting pretty at the office when her boss calls her up, saying she has to deliver some documents to him, pronto. He is about to hold a meeting in some restaurant and he forgot to bring the documents. She hurriedly gets out of the office and goes on her way, but while she was walking, she starts to feel the beginnings of a diarrhea attack. So while praying that her ass will not burst forth, she runs inside the nearest office building and heads straight to the bathroom. It was a bit too late; her panties is already covered in shit! She hops on the toilet bowl and lets all her shit out!

Pooping In My New Dress!

I just bought myself a new dress and I’m going to let you guys see me take a big shit in it 😉 Come watch me as I get all sexy in my cute little dress and sit on a chair with my legs wide open to shit and piss just for you…

Golden Shower 40

Hanna and her friend Jacky have for their slaves was considered special. While he was under the ass of the Hanna facesitting no air gets, he will still feel the pee in the face of Jacky here. Joschi must lay on the ground in the forest. Hanna sits on his face and almost suffocated him with her voluptuous naked ass. Then Jacky is straddling her and pisses on Hannah’s chest Joschi lying under her ass. Thus, all what them. Jacky leave to enjoy their piss. Hanna is feeling the warm piss from her on her body. And slave Joschi suffers twice.