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Brazilian Fox 2

The Brazilian Fox is back with more poop action. We are treated to a rear facing view and close up as she takes a shit on her table. Music plays in the background.

Hairy Scat Slut Outdoor

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Mistress Roberta – Coktail And Small Breakfast

This morning i will give you a special treat my toilet slave i will pee a bit in the jar, i will do a small breakfast for you and because the pee and the shit was not that much i have prepared a coktail in the jar the pee mixed with ass water and parts of shit perfect for you to drink and take all the supliments you missed from the small breakfast you have today.

Horrible Boss! Part 2

After regaining consciousness and not knowing where she is but feeling the pain of the ropes in her skin she doesn?t know what to do! Although she is in panic, she is also loving the vibrators that is stimulating her wet vagina as she reaches her orgasm she farted and poop!