Shit In White

Saki Sloppy Poop

Laying on her side and making a mess! Self-filmed. Close-up ending.

Aria’s Squattin, Shakin, And Breakin Off Loads!!

Aria is back with Five Great clips!! Enjoy as she pees and poo’s from different angles and locations. Enjoy as she squats to squeeze out some pee and logs in a few scenes as well!! Nothing like watching a woman “shake it off”!! You know that lil wiggle and shake to get those last drops out!! Especially when they got a nice firm ass like Aria’s!!! Enjoy some great grunts and strains as well!! There are even a few great farts that catch our bubblebutt cutie off guard as well!! Some great clips at her new house and from over her grandparents house as well!! She saves the best for last as she spreads nice and wide to show your her “O” as it squeezes out some really massive ones!!! Plenty of ass, splash, sights and sounds in this set!!

Crazy! Public Pissing In The Train!

Crazy and daring! Extreme Public: Was traveling by train and was wearing a short skirt. Because I was horny and wet again and my panties were all wet, I have this taken off during the ride and presents my wet pussy. Since I had to pee anyway, I pissed in a great arc on the floor of the train compartment while the train passed and an announcement was given by the train crew. During my action on the train was also 2 times the conductor past and almost got me!


Open your mouths sloves and eat my fresh shit!