Shit In Your Mouth Slave

Lick My Shit Asshole

Today it was in my kitchen. Slave licke my boots and kiss my legs. He sucked heels of my boots. Then I sat on his face and he gasped from my asshole. Lick clean my sphincter. Deeper, push your tongue out more. Give that one’s more, my toilet slave. I’ll fuck you in the mouth. Take my shit and eat. I put my boot on your shitty fucking mouth. Lick, suck, kiss my shit.

Early Morning Shower Pee And Poop

You can see me under the shower while washing her tanned body. I do pee and dump. You want to see this beautiful shit? Smell it, you smell!!!

Shitting From Tube

I`ll haul against my ass and shit down from above … you would now like to lay under me, right? Lick my asshole and wait to see what comes out?