Shit Included

Mistress Roberta -dog Feeding Fresh Shit

Today my pot behaves like a dog and he licks my ass clean after i shit and he gets the food by my hand first and after from the doggy tray because is almost full with shit so he makes all his face with shit trying to eat it, enjoy.

So Puke And Shit Is Disposed Of

Our toilet is down the hall, making it quite far away from our studio. My welfare and the welfare of my ladies is always the most important.Therefore we always have at least one trained servants in our vicinity, which can be used as well as toilet, if we have no desire to run down the long hall.Miss Jane had just the dog concocted to shit in his mouth, as Miss Cherrie, who was a little uncomfortable, came and was looking for a mouth to suck into it.Real handy to have such fully trained dogs. Beside it’s fun, to use them again and again. Even if we had to persuade this dog with some emphasis to ingest of the shit and puke.

Lesbian Scat Sis Introduction To Scatology! – Hd Only

You and your friend thought that me and my cute sis came to fuck you. But we have other ideas and an hidden agenda. You think you are going to have sex with us, we are beautiful and you will do anything to be with us. Our goal is to introduce you to scatology and the art of scatology sex. We will shit on each other and we will eat our sweet shit. One day, you will eat it too. After today, you will be converted and you will become just like my sis and I. You will fuck us, you will see how tasty our scat is and you will be back for more!HD only + special discount


Ally is running diareeah in the sexy satin green pants;)