Shit Is The Best Lube

300. Scat Slave Lasagna

My scat slave LASAGNA IS BACK!Everytime i eat lasagne (italian pasta with tomatoes, besciamella, meat, parmesan) I need to call mu scat slave Lasagna to eat my poo and yesterday he comes…. Very fast video, all in english (but i translate somes words in italian because Lasagna do not understand english…. and so you can learn some italian words). It is a fast video because i have to pee a lot and i have to do my poo very fast, he is just like a toilet, he comes when i need it!!!!! A lake of pee and a mountain of poo….. The video is during in total 19 minutes, 12 minutes are of the clip and the other 5 are of the BEST MOMENTS with CLOSE UP. You will love it!!!!!!

Too Stupid As A Carpet, So You Eat Just Puke

Domi has bought new high-heeled shoes and tried them directly on a living carpet. The slave cries under the spiky high heels, so domi reacts displeased and promises him if he does not calm down, she will puke into his mouth. Shortly afterwards, as the slave gets not quiet, she pukes onto him. The slave now has to eat her disgusting vomit, Domi pukes her whole stomach empty, and finally pisses into his filthy wailing mouth. He swallows all and then has to clean the floor with his tongue, Domi drives him with the whip.

Secretary Takes A Huge Dump While Boss Is Out For Lunch – Part 2

She unloads diarrhea on the toilet bowl and feels her stomach getting lighter. She unloads a whole lot more before going back to her desk and finish her work.

Dirty Italian Couple – 1

Wow… this italian couple is really dirty!!!