Shit Lesbian Bra Sil

The Courier

I’m in the bathroom ready for a nice toilet fetish when … the bell rings! Here comes the amazon courier … I run to the door … I tell him to wait a moment in italian… you’re in the bathroom waiting for me … when I go back I’m crazy! I have to do it all! And I put it in front of your nose all over the bidet!

Sorority Girls Hold Pissing Party! – Part 4

He can still see and breathe fine, so the girls continue to arrive and bring in more pee. More girls sit on the bucket and add to the half-full already enveloping the man’s head.

Cooking Spaghetti Poopinaise! – Part 2

She dumps in a bowl and then mixes it with the meat, making the sauce richer and more pungent! She makes her boyfriend eat it to make sure it tastes fucking right!

Shitting In Everyday Outfit

I just came back from shopping, because it pushes me even in the ass. Quickly pulled his pants down and off you go again 😉 Of course, with your face!