Shit Lesbian Cat Vomit

Fresh Lemon Tea With Piss – Pee Pur

Today I had a very big request to make soluble tea with my fresh piss. So I have to say that it was really delicious and I think it’s a shame because you have not been there so I could share it with you. Since you have really missed something very delicious.

10.11.2017 Shit

Today You’ve got a nice fountain of shit straight fromy my big ass.

245 Pizza By Mistress Isabella

Today you can see my PIZZA’s POO. My new video abouth italian dishes and I can not forget PIZZA! MP4. You will love it!

Training New Recruit – Part 3 Movie

Part 3 movie? Mistresses takes turn in pissing and shitting into a bowl so their slave can drink and eat, first he has to clean his Mistresses ass by licking it, then when its time for him to eat he hesitated for a little while but then he tasted it. It wasn’t so bad after all, it was actually juicy and yummy so he finished it all and even lick the bowl clean!