Shit Lesbisns Sunset

White Leggins Scat

I am wearing my nice white tight leggins while i am posing for you, showing you my hot booty and all over sudden i feel like i have to poo. So i just relax and let it happen in my pants. Such a nice feeling! Of course i will show you how dirty i am all over my butt and my pussy!

Mistress Roberta -big Urge To Poop A Huge Breakfast -pov

This morning i have a big urge to poop so i get up on the massage table and shit a huge amount of breakfast for you and only after the poop i can pee being the presure so high and after i finish i rub my ass cheeks on the warm shit so you will lick it clean off my ass and when you finish licking clean the shit from my ass you can eat your huge breakfast.

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 2

They shit on a glass bowl and they make me eat it, which I did without protest. They bend over so I can lick the remaining shit off their perky butts.