Shit Lover Eatbooty

Scat Mistress Hires Servants To Defecate On Her Food – Part 2

She takes a bite of the disgusting rice and scat combo and nods her approval! She rubs her fingers on the slave’s anus and then licks them to savor the pieces of scat! Mistress loves it!!!

Pee & Shit In Shower

I like poop and pee in the shower. I really want to piss and shit! Look at my beautiful bare ass and piss and shit for you.See, smell the lick and eat my nice turd!

P – Mw – Drink My Pee And Swallow My Spit – 01 – B – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 5:07. Weronika using a man as a human toilet. She pee to his mouth and spit to them.