Shit Loving Girls


A well-known scat actress does a striptease dance, then while standing over the bath tub, takes a shit. No audio.


A thick poop is slowly released and then fully dissected!

The Hungry Slave

Would you like to be locked up in a bathroom from 8am to 8pm with only water from the toilet bowl to sustain you? Our slave did it. Now, in the evening he is hungry and desperate to eat. We have just cooked chicken with Dijon mustard, however, he can only look how we savour the food. It was cruel to taste the meal in front of him while he is hungry. When we finish the dinner we decide to spit on him. He has received more than 50 loogies but we think that it is not enough to satisfy his hunger, therefore, we take a shit for him, at least he can now taste our waste.