Shit Lubricant

First Time For My Toilet Slave

This was the first meeting with the toilet slave. He had booked me as an escort. Then I spontaneously had the idea to use him as a video slave. And he agreed. Only the preview is in black and white. #toilet chair #pee #swallow

Mistress Stroke Shitty Cock With Her Diarrhea

Today Mistress was so horny !!! She ordered to her slave to get a huge toy and sit on it for her pleasure. After humiliating him like that, she put him to suck it then use his mouth for his toilet daily duty ! He drink her torrent of piss and Godess filling his open wide mouth with a enormous diarrhea !! For the final, Godess take his cock in her hand and stroke it until the toilet release his sperm, also for Godess pleasure !!

Preggo Gotta Go!

At 8 months pregnant, I put an ad out for a personal slave. When this aspiring slave made the cut to serve Me, I cunningly rushed him into signing a contract which unknowingly turn him into My toilet slave. After having slowly but, surely seduce him into all sort of vile acts; it is time for the ultimate service. Come along for his first ever service as My toilet!