Shit Mom Videos

Watch Me Shitting

I think I’m done after 2-3 seconds with shitting, you’re wrong 😉 Watch me while I take a looong shit for you!

Adult Baby And His Nanny! Full Movie

Full movie – This adult baby has a bit of problem in the head, in short he is mentally unstable. Nanny is taking advantage of the situation, feeding him her piss in a baby’s bottle and of course fresh shit from her insides as his solid food! She even watered it down a bit so it will be easy for him to swallow.

All Of My 3 Pees From Jan 4th In

Want all three clips of my bathroom trips on January 4th? Here they are in one video for you!

Peeing In A Sink

ebony cutie Moe plays with her pussy then pees in the bathroom sink.