Shit On Beads

Pissing In The Boxer Shorts From Neighbors

When I heard that my neighbor always secretly my pee video looks here on the page I was really stunned and had to give him now just a lesson. I stole his boxer from the leash and just pissed her full. Let’s see what he thinks if he sees the video here on the page.

Pulling My Shit Out

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I was trying to make a new anal fisting video, but when I put my hand in my ass, I could feel something. Something hard. So I pulled it out. It was a little log of shit! I put my hand back in to see if there’s any more, and there is. I pull shit out of my ass until I’ve got a handful of it then I show it to you. This video ended up very different than I expected but I’m glad, because pulling my shit out was super sexy!

Pretty Girl Eat Shit Smear Pee

With my red lipstick on I pee on a layed out bag, then I lift myself up with hands behind me and my pussy and ass towards the screein in the air I proceed to pee then poo after the mixture is on the bagI get some turds and I chew it up spit it out and repeat I then smear some on my perky tits and hard hershey kiss nipples and demand you to lick them as I slide the turd down my chest to my stomach and vaginaI put some more poop in my mouth and then close to the cam I tell u to kiss my poopy mouth as u see inside while some poop juicy slowly comes out this is a sensual poop video that will have u begging for more !

She Pees In The Shower.

She pees in the shower.