Shit On Chips

Feeding The Shit And Humiliation

I decided to surprise my shit-eater. Today, the slavegirl and I will feed him my shit from yesterday. And to give him an incentive to eat everything, I made a bucket of mayonnaise. If he doesn’t eat, I’ll dip his head in mayonnaise, dipped until he eats it all!

Give Me Your Golden Nectar

Layla Moore sits naked on the floor. We’ve just had a nice session of anal sex, she had a great orgasm and in a mood for more kink. She asks me to piss in her mouth, she wants to taste my warm golden nectar hot from my cock. I am delighted to give her my hot yellow stream. I stand close so she’ll get more. Layla tilts her head back, opens her mouth and enjoys my warm piss streaming into her mouth.

Weenies For The Toilet Slave

The toilet slave has to eat things from the floor and off my boots. Brave he swallows a full load of pee and scat, that i shit in his mouth. Trampling, Spitting, Scat, Pee, Bootworship, Cock and Ball Torture