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After coming home from school, sweetheart immediately greets her stepbro and wants to play with him. Being the good relative that he is, he gives her what she wants. At first, she bends him over and rides on his back. Shortly after, she has him lie down on the floor and then, without warning, lifts up her skirt and urinates on the manÂ’s face! With her piss entering his nose, he ends up breathing through his mouth, consequently swallowing mouthful after mouthful of the sweetheartÂ’s urine! The only time she stops is when there is nothing left for her to pee!

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My slaves received no vaccination, I waste no money for these critters. They get their resilience when they get infected and thus develop defenses. I just spit a lousy cold with sore throat and a lot of pus in. Let’s see how long it takes to infect my slave. The livestock is anyway strange, he swallows piss but gets the choke if I spit in his mouth. Of course, Miss Jane and I let him swallow a lot of spittle and piss, hopefully he will be beautiful sick of it, especially since he also had to suck my old handkerchief. *smile*

Tie Him Down And Feeding Is Next

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