Shit On Him Then Jerk Him

6th Scat Mix Compilation By Mistress Isabella

THE NEW SCAT MIX COMPILATION n. 6In this clip there are four shitting by Mistress Isabella, shittings in full version. You can find the videos here on Yezz at numbers 088 – 091 – 095 – 097 but now you can see here just what you like more: see when i’m shitting into a slave’s mouth. There is also some pee….. MP4 mobile and pc version. Have a nice day!

Meet The Dappun Fast Food Girls!

This is an introduction to what you call SCATOLOGY Fast Food! See these girls freshly delivers you with sweet golden water to start with and a scat burger in your bun! YUMMMMM!

Big Pile Of Napkin Poo (part 1)

Your so hungry for my poo, but I your Chocolate Mistress has tied your hands down and they can not move. I have no other choice than to feed you.