Shit On Musky Rim

Big Ass In Little Diaper

You want to stroke your dick to my dirty boots? Yes, you want, yu are my addicted boot boy;) But first I want you on your knees, my addicted boot boy! Serve my new leather brown boots, I walked a lot in them to make dirty them for you! Clean the all and I” gie you permission and instruction with countdown to cum on my boots!

Mistress Roberta -double Portion Of Diarrhea For Breakfast-pov

Today i took my red wet look pants and i give you front and back look so you can kiss them on both sides i remove them a bit only under my ass so i can uncover the ass and be ablo to prepare you breakfast i put my legs in the air spread the ass cheeks with my hands and start to poop an nice big load of shit pushing it out like an fountain and after that farting a bit and my ass hole is very smeard so i give it to you to lick it clean and after i show you the double portion of diarrhea i have did for your breakfast so enjoy!

Ms Jenkins Spring Fever!!

ItÂ’s getting Warm out, and Ms Jenkins is ready to hang loose!! Enjoy Three new clips as she Puts that ass in the air and drops logs in the bowl!!! Nice quick all action, not filter set as usual from my most mercurial FUNKY Lady!!!

Recordable Mega-shit Sausage For The Next Slaves’ Mouth! Part 2

Here you can see the 2nd part from the Full Movie Recordable mega-shit sausage for the next slaves’ mouth!: And the next toilet slave who wanted to eat my big shit sausages. This slave, too, came to his limits! Because I was not shit for 3 days, so that he also got to eat properly. Have him directly from my horny asshole a new record suspicious mega-shit sacked in his mouth. You can see this from 4 perspectives. After he had his mouth fully full with my shit and his face was also full, he had to eat everything and swallow. I always had my shit stuffed nicely in his mouth while I sat on his upper body. When he had eaten 3/4 of the mega-shit he lay there like a pile of misery. But that did not interest me. Since I had to piss I have him still a mega-load piss in his mouth pissed. He also had to swallow it completely, mixed with my restless shit. I guess that this slave had no hunger and thirst all day, with these huge amounts!